United Kingdom

Project    :   LOGGS Offshore Complex

Location    :   Offshore UK (SNS Sector)

Facility    :   Gas Field (5 platforms)

Scope of work:

  • To carry out a full technical assessment of the F&G Detection Philosophy against the existing Safety Case and region Performance Standards

  • To carry out audits of all existing Fire Zones identitfying possible discrepancies in the existing F&G Detector Coverage (placements, quantity, types, effectiveness)

  • To carry out a GAP Analysis of all design codes, legislation an safety requirements to identify the level of compliance

  • To produce F&G specifications, Plot Plans and MTO for any new detector requirements identified from the GAP Analysis

Key projects in UK (2014-2016): 

Scope of Work

 HSE site Management construction through to Commissioning (Solar Farms)

Multi-level HSE Resources outage and Shutdown

HSE Technical Services Wind Project

HSE Case Directive and standardisation manual

CDM compliance Audits and FRA - Multi sites

Completed projects:

Type of facility

Scope of work


HAZOP/ Fire Water

Fire & Water Protection Philosophy

Gas Fields

Fire & Gas Detector Philosophy GAP Analysis

Gas Fields

HSE/Fire & Gas Detection

Compression Platform

HAZOP Workshop

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