Middle East

Project    :  Gas Transmission Pipeline to Coastal Network

Location    :    Marsa El Brega, Libya

Facility    :   EPC Compressor Station and Facilities - Gas Transmission Pipeline

Scope of work  :  HAZOP

Project summary:

Zueitina Oil Company (ZOC) has constructed a new gas pipeline facility to transfer 1500 MMSCFD of sweet dry natural gas from a new compression facility at 103A, to the coastal network. The new 206km transmission pipeline will connect the Zueitina-owned Intisar 103A Field to a new PRMS facility on the coastal gas network at Marsa El Brega.  The compression facilities at 103A will receive treated gas to meet the Coastal Network gas specification from four different sources:

• The Al Faregh field owned by Waha Oil Company (Phase 1 supply for the Project)
• NC-98 development field owned by NOC/Waha Oil Company
• 103D Field owned by ZOC
• Other  future additional gas sources
The project will be carried out in two phases; phase 1 will receive gas from the Al Faregh field only and will install two gas turbine-driven gas compressors compressing 250 m³/hour for export to the PRMS plant. The final phase will install an additional four (making six in total) gas turbine-driven gas compressors with the ultimate capacity of 1,500 m³/hour.

It is intended that the new pipeline system will tie-in downstream of the existing Marsa El Brega compression stations (owned by Sirte Oil Company) to the existing 34” Tripoli and 34” Benghazi transmission pipelines.

Other key projects undertaken in the Middle East:

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